Before you start ANY experiments with SynthEdit, there is 6 important things, you should be aware of:

IMPORTANT: Lower your speakers and headphones volume, before you start working with SynthEdit!
SynthEdit doesn’t have a build in volume control and the base volume is very loud. Doing first steps without a volume control in the synthesizer or effect you create, your ears, headphones or speakers could be damaged.

IMPORTANT: Delete Sound Out modules, before you export your projects to VST!
To test your synthesizers or effects in SynthEdit while you work on them, you need a Sound Out module. It is just needed internally by SynthEdit. It is highly recommended, to delete Sound Out modules before you export your synthesizers or effects to VST.There are hints from users, that PC RAM bars could take damage, if you run VST’s with Sound Out modules in it.

IMPORTANT: Your VST’s made with the demo version of SynthEdit will have a different face
Working with the demo version of Synthedit, the background skin is disabled and the word ‘DEMO’ appears in pink over your synthesizer’s or effect’s control panels. Apart from this, your vst’s will have no functional limitations.


IMPORTANT: Connect a keyboard to your main container your work is in
Be sure to connect a keyboard to the containers MIDI in plug. Otherwise, your synthesizer is rated as an effect plugin and don’t show up in the Cubase selection for instruments.

IMPORTANT: Put your work into a container to be able to export it to VST
Your whole work(expect the keyboard) must be in a container. Otherwise, you can’t export your project to VST.

IMPORTANT: Be sure to have 2 Outputs
4) Be sure to connect 2 Outputs to the IO Mod. It doesn’t matter if you work with 1 or 2 VCA module(s). We speak about the IO Mod of the container that contains your whole synthesizer/project.

If you connect the VCA(s) this way, you will have 2 Outputs showing up in the container module that contains your whole synthesizer/project.

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