Basics: General Handling 2

On this page we will go a little deeper using SynthEdit.

Resize/Stretch Modules
Some modules could be resized/stretched. It’s because that modules could have variable text length for example. Click and hold left mouse button at the bottom right corner of a module to resize/stretch it. You could do that horizontal and vertical.

Rename Modules
You could rename modules. Just right-click on them and go down in list to Properties. As u see in my example, there is enough place and symbols also work.

Snap To Grid Function
When you move modules to arrange them, SynthEdit has a Snap to Grid function. You activate or disable it in top menu selecting Edit -> Snap to Grid, to be able to move modules free or in the steps of the grid.

Lock Windows Content
You could lock your creation selecting Lock Module, means you can’t move modules again in module view and panel view. In locked mode, you will notice, that the Snap to Grid function is not available anymore. Additionally you will notice that the scroll bars disappears in panel view . To lock the main window content (called SynthEdit, where you start projects) or, for example a container window content, you must activate the window to lock the content. You can’t place new modules in a locked window.


Keep in mind: Every window has its own lock.

Renaming Generated Plug Names
To have a better overview, you are able to rename plug names of generated plugs. This plugs occur, when you connect constant plugs of modules to spare plugs. Constant means, you can’t rename the Signal Out plug name, but you could rename the plugs names that occur, when you connect their module plugs with spare plugs.

In this example we connect the slider modules Signal Out plug with 4 times with the container modules spare plug. Every new connection creates a Signal Out plug in the Container module and the Spare plug is still present at the bottom of the plugs list, to connect more stuff. The 4 Signal out plugs are generated plugs.

This generated plugs could be renamed. Right-click the blue area of the container module and select Properties.

Rename the 4 Signal Out plugs as you like it.

As you see, you could have some fun renaming generated plugs to sweeten the hard work of creating a synthesizer or effect. ;)

Renaming Special Controls
If you rename a slider control module, the renaming affects the control’s label, means the slider in panel view will have the modules name. If you place a knob and rename the module, you will notice, that the knob in panel view is still called knob, as you see in the picture.

That labeling is hidden in the structure of the knob, because the knob is not a single module. It is a combination out of other modules in a so-called Container. The grey symbol in the top right corner of module shows you, if it is a container with other modules in.

Place a knob module, be sure the knob module is unlocked (green symbol top right of the module) and double-click the blue area of the module. Right-click the Text Entry3 module, select Properties.

A dialogue box opens. Here you find the hidden knob label. We rename it to Volume, to see the effect.

Before, after… Magically the second knob is renamed to Volume now. As far as I know, this knob has a fixed size, so the label should be 5-6 letters, not more.

Resize Modules
Some modules could be resized, useful or not. To do that, hold down left mouse button in the bottom right corner and resize the module according to your wishes. You will see in the next description, for what it us useful.

Additional Module Features
Some modules have options you can’t see at first view. The white area in the List Entry3 module is clickable. It’s not the only one. Here is some examples, placed over right-click module window (called SynthEdit) -> Insert -> Sub-Controls:

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